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E. Erez Consulting Engineers Ltd. is an innovative and professional company specializing in soil mechanics and advanced engineering solutions for geotechnical issues, using state-of-the-art computational tools. The company holds an ISO 9001 certification and accordingly  is obliged to maintain the relevant quality management requirements.

The firm has accumulated expansive knowledge from many projects in Israel and abroad in all fields of geotechnical engineering: large infrastructure projects (tunnels and bridges), industrial complexes, residential buildings, high-rise towers (50 plus levels) and more.

Our office has unique expertise in the field of computerized analysis of geotechnical problems. Thanks to our extensive practical experience and international collaborations (The Netherlands, Germany, and India), E. Erez Consulting Engineers is currently one of the leading firms in the field.

Computerized analysis is carried out using specialized finite element software such as PLAXIS 2D / 3D, which enables added accuracy to calculations for complex projects. This advantage, together with a deep theoretical understanding, enables us to achieve efficient, safe and cost-effective design in relation to the common design in today’s market.


Erez Eyov is a graduate of the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology (B.Sc.), with honors (summa cum laude) and a M.Sc. in soil and foundation engineering. He has received numerous academic awards for excellence and creative thinking in the field of structural engineering. His research was published in the prestigious academic journal, Wave Motion, and was frequently cited by researchers around the world. He worked as a teaching assistant at the Technion Institute of Technology and as a lecturer at the SCE College of Engineering, where he taught the Foundation Design course to fourth year undergraduate structural engineering students.


In the recent years he has served as a senior geotechnical engineer in Abraham Shani Engineering Consultancy Ltd, a widely respected and well known firm. During this time an enduring collaboration was founded with Eng. Yoram Lavie, an esteemed pioneer in the field geotechnical engineering. The fruitful collaboration with Eng. Yaram Lavie continues successfully to this day, allowing them to deal with extremely large-scale and complex projects.  


Striving for excellence and creativity is forged in the company’s DNA. Our goal is to deliver professional, reliable and fast services while providing bespoke, creative and optimal engineering and economic solutions. We believe that investment in detailed design results in significant savings during the project’s implementation phase - in terms of reduced costs and timetables alike.



A Supporting Tool for Designers

Designed for geotechnical and structural engineers that require detailed results (deformations, internal forces etc.) for a designed complex structure. We create a computerized model (FEM) for the audited project, and submit a detailed report that includes all applicable results.

The computerized models results are meticulously audited and are compared to traditional approximate calculations.


Auditing Existing Designs

Designed for entrepreneurs and contractors that wish to have an independent, professional and critical audit of their current design. This process assists the client and the designers on his behalf to obtain a complete and detailed picture of the designed project, thus enabling improved design and substantial cost savings.

A computerized and accurate analysis is performed for all project/structure types by creating a detailed model in finite element software (PLAXIS 2D / 3D).


Preparing geotechnical reports including detailed design recommendation.

Our unique expertise in the field of computerized analysis of geotechnical problems together with our in-depth perception of advanced technologies and building materials increases the range of solutions than we can assess. Works are carried out with an emphasis on a professional and fast delivery that covers creative as well as economically feasible solutions. As a rule, on-site work environments are dynamic and may not always be 100% compatible with the optimal settings indicated in the plans. We are aware of this concern and attach great importance to providing quick and resourceful solutions to situations that could occur during implementation.



Computational Modeling
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E. Erez Consulting Engineers Ltd. serves a wide range of clients, including private entrepreneurs, private construction companies, public companies and institutional entities, giving each customer personal attention according to his unique needs.

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